Solomon Shiv (Joe) is: ~happy to be alive, happy he is in New York, happy he has his family, happy he has his ongoing acting coach—John Anthony, happy he has a great actress for a GF(!!!), happy he has the friends he's got, happy he finally went ice-skating again-happy for the spirit of adventure!, happy for his dreams, happy to be part of this cast, happy to have this director guy—CHRIS, happy to be a part of this show, happy he can see, smell, hear, speak, feeeeeeel and taste, happy he laughed today, happy he got up today, happy he has food on the table, happy for this audience, happy that he can be happy.~

FOUR QUARTERS Actor Questionnaire

Where are you from?
Northern California

When did you come to New York? August 5, 2002

How did you get involved in Four Quarters?
It was either Tamar who knows Margo or Margo who knows me. Or Chris who approved of me after the reading. It's real blurry.

How would you summarize Four Quarters?
Two Partners. Each with their own Civil war. That's four sides trying improbably to win. Trying to control the Perfect Mess. Relating to failure. Discovering what was lacking. Somewhere, Time may have figured into the equation and their were some transformative ramifications.

Which character do you play?
Joe. "The Experiencer". The one who is down for anything EXCEPT Structure and Discipline.

Describe your character
Emotive. Vulnerable. Passionate. Affectionate. Searching. A Hunter. Child-like. The kind of guy with principals so deep they flirt with hypocrisy...thinks his honesty and devotion to others is enough to forgive him for that.

Why should people come to see this show?
Because I can't think of any higher honor in theatre than to be part of the kind of play that confuses or engages the hearts'n'heads of its audience.

What do you think the audience will take away from this show?
They shall gasp inside their head at some point. They won't know why just then but one day-ONE DAY even if its forty years from now when they have Alzeimer's or dementia or something--that thing will be there. And I trust that it will be a good thing at that.

What’s different about this show than others?
Because each actor is playing a SIDE of a flawed human being, character's may be more intense within their opinions, seemingly flat or two-dimensional at the outset. As these 'Sides' or 'Quarters' begin to mingle and collide and affect, the identities begin reflecting our own familiar (and quite wonderous) confusion. Sure characters run an 'arc' in all kinds of stories but there aren't many that go at this way. It is unabashedly Lost but not necessarily hopeless.

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