Omer Barnea (Terry) has had the good fortune of acting professionally from a very young age both on screen and on stage, mainly in my home land, Israel. From soap operas to various TV dramas, feature films and theater productions. He is very excited about this project and feels curious, hesitant, joyous, painful and many more things as he stands on the edge of its great unknown.

FOUR QUARTERS Actor Questionnaire

Where are you from?
I am from Israel

When did you come to New York? I moved to NYC two and a half years ago

How did you get involved in Four Quarters?
Through Solomon and Tamar. We all attend the same life-altering acting class at Second Studio with John Anthony as our teacher

How would you summarize Four Quarters?
Damn, that's a tough one.
The various parts of myself and ourselves are in constant movement with parts that are harmonious and merge well into the other parts and parts that are kept private and rigid due to our fears. This play is about the fluctuation of love and all of it's inhibitions and a certain triumph of communication despite all fear.

Which character do you play?
I play Terry

Describe your character
Terry is a very successful copywriter with ample charisma and lighthearted humor. He has gone through life without ever committing himself wholeheartedly to anything or anyone.

Terry is fun loving, thrill loving pseudo-happy-go-lucky. Pushing pain and fear aside as much as possible, but when the need arises he will find a very secret and private outlet for his pain.

Long term relationships have always been a bit of a problem for him.

Why should people come to see this show?
They should come if they feel like participating in a real process. It is not often, in my experience, that a true, exploring, curious, brave process if found in theatre. This is the real deal right here. Some guts and raw reality are thrown here in front of you--some real hardcore unknowns. There are at least 5 individuals who are taking their sweet ass time to delve into a really good piece of writing and doubt every line of dialogue and syllable in it until life naturally occurs in the rehearsal room. Nothing ever gets done twice here and this is what art (and life) is all about.

What do you think the audience will take away from this show?
Hopefully, the need and ability to share with themselves and their dear loved ones more parts of themselves that they might deem too private to share.

I think they may very well find that love, intimacy, gratification and vitality go hand in hand with shame, fear, and other friends as long as it's out in the open.

What’s different about this show than others?
All of the above.

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